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Strategic Target Area #1: Fergus Street Intersection

Fergus Street Homeownership Project. CNCURC (now NEST) worked with the City of Cincinnati (et al) to gain control of abandoned and devastated properties, believing that each represented the potential for a proud new homeowner and potential transformation of the street.

At the time, this section of Northside was known as a hub of crime and vacant buildings. With the goal of increasing homeownership, NEST partnered with community activists to demolish a corner store known for criminal activity. This site is now home to the city’s first LEED-certified homes.

At one corner, NEST constructed two new single family residences, certified LEED Silver. At another corner, NEST converted a neglected commercial building into three condo units. At the third, NEST teamed with a local developer to convert a historic corner market with living space above into a beautiful townhouse.

Working with other community organizations, NEST helped establish the fourth corner as a new pocket park for children and families.

Nest turns Northside crime hot spot into neighborhood bright spot

As each successive project resulted in another new Northside resident, a ripple effect occurred – other developers took notice and invested their efforts in the area.

The outcome: A once problematic intersection was transformed into a place of pride for new Northside homeowners, and the entire community was invigorated. Developers continued following suit down Chase Avenue, riding the wave of positive change.

Strategic Target Area #2: Witler Street

The Witler Street Project. Fergus was underway when NEST targeted a second area for strategic development. NEST’s redevelopment of Witler Street ran parallel to other new construction and rehabbing of properties in this area into new homes.

Coinciding with construction of a new school and community center in the area, the Witler Street Project was a well-timed effort on the whole.

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